Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Red Ed? Green Ed??

I have just been cleaning out the chicken house and putting down fresh newspaper under the perches and it tickled me greatly that Ed Miliband's face which is splashed all over the weekend papers will now be splashed with something - well, recycled......

Nevertheless, I am glad - very - that Ed Miliband is the new Labour leader. His brother's part in the rendition scandal is still in question (see this article in The Guardian - http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/libertycentral/2010/sep/01/extraordinary-rendition-david-miliband) so I wouldn't have wanted him. Ed also appears the more courageous (ruthless?) character - I can't forget David's hesitant opportunism over challenging Gordon Brown, not least his lily-livered article in July 2008 in which he didn't have the balls to face down the then PM.

Ed has had a slightly more lightweight career than his brother, and this might be a reason why his nose is apparently cleaner (although not for long, the one on my chicken house floor) having been minister for the environment and climate change. I am pleased that someone with this background is now leader, although I acknowledge that his commitment to the environment may well be watered down now as he has other imperatives to deal with too. I hope not. I hope that he got into it enough to realise that it is the most important issue and one for which he will need all his courage to push up the political agenda.

Will he mention the environment in his speech to the Labour party conference this afternoon?? That will be a telling moment......

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