Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Combating Climate Change - what we can all do….at national level

1. Give money to charities preserving the rainforest or campaigning against climate change – look at Cool Earth, for example. Fab, ethical charity.
2. Lobby our MPs – if they don’t start taking this seriously, the Thames will rise and they will be the first to go (actually, this might be a reason to promote climate change – hmm….)
3. Sign petitions and put our names to campaigns – The Princes Rainforest Trust, the RSPB campaign, etc
4. Go on marches – 5 December 2009 in London – be there!
5. Write to newpapers and comment on what the politicians are doing (or not doing, inert bastards)
6. Write to Tony Blair and make him work for you on change. He’s trashed the world through war, now it’s pay back time.
7. Write to Ed Miliband. He gets it, just doesn’t have enough power at cabinet level. Public opinion could help him.
8. Vote for a party that is committed to taking climate change seriously. Particularly if the election is by proportional representation….you know who I green – er, mean…bear in mind that elections to the European parliament are by proportional representation.

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