Tuesday, 27 October 2009

What we can all do…..to change our community

1. Ask our local schools to join the eco-schools scheme http://www.eco-schools.org.uk/
2. Join us in Chalfont St Peter in Transition http://www.transitiontowns.org/
3. Ask our local schools and to increase their recycling, energy conservation, and reduce paper and other waste. In particular, ask them to turn off their computers, at the wall, every night
4. Do the same with local businesses – contact the Chamber of Commerce..
5. Ask our local schools to cultivate an allotment or build raised beds and grow stuff
6. Ask our PTAs to be environmentally friendly, and not buy cheap plastic goods to repackage and sell
7. Lobby our local authority for more and better recycling facilities
8. Lobby our local authority to recycle more things, such as tetrapaks
9. Tell our MP that this is the way her constituents expect her to go
10. Join the local branch of political party that has a serious commitment to environmentalism
11. Ask local shops not to provide plastic bags
12. Buy food at local farmers’ markets
13. Lobby our local supermarkets, veg shops and butchers to source their produce locally
14. Ask schools, fairs and fundraisers not to release balloons – they get into the sea and cause all sorts of havoc
15. Lobby our local authority to upgrade pavements and provide crossing points so that more people, including children, feel safer walking
16 Slow down the traffic, so that cars use less gas, and people feel safer walking
17 Have a toy swap scheme so that we all buy less plastic
18. Clean up rivers, fields, our environment generally
19. Engage our local authority to only give planning permission to houses built in a fuel- and water- efficient manner
20. Get our local community to plant trees, on grass verges, on dual carriageways, in the corner of the school field - everywhere. Trees are fabulous.

There is so much – let’s get out there…..

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